We uncover the emotions you need to evoke to drive enjoyment, loyalty and thus market success.

Our Methodology consists of 3 integral parts that make our approach and analysis unique

Sensorial Lens

Our vital method to access consumers emotions
done in 2 ways


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Sensorial Sessions

Exercise allows for consumer storytelling.

It provides in-depth sensorial feedback and tapping into the thoughts and emotions of the consumers by using qualitative techniques

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Mixed or Customizable Methodologies

that access consumer language, emotion and

sensorial perceptions and needs

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Sensorial Lens
Our vital method to access consumer's emotions



A qualitative tool unique to SENSANALYSIS which taps into the true thoughts and emotions of the consumers


Sensorial Sessions is an individual written exercise utilizing qualitative techniques, with NO INTERACTION between consumers. This methodology, used in tandem with our proprietary and advanced recruiting techniques, yield the following benefits:

  • Avoids the effect of peer pressure in a group discussion or unintended bias from an interviewer, which can hide the true reactions of the individual
  • Bypasses any socially expected responses and reveals the consumer’s deepest motivations which may not be socially approved
  • Provides in-depth responses from every respondent, yielding rich, consumer-generated language and creative descriptors that go beyond generic product attributes/adjectives
  • Allows for consumer storytelling (like writing an entry in a personal journal) that focuses not only on a product’s rational descriptors/functional features, but also in its emotional impact (evoked feelings, memories, landscapes, etc.)


Real response comparison between a traditional moderator-led interview and Sensorial Session:


Sensorial Sessions is our recommended methodology for product testing, as it provides deeper insights than traditional qualitative methodologies.

Depending on the stimuli or objectives, we can use this methodology to enhance other qualitative or quantitative approaches (individual vs. group, offline vs. online).

Mixed or Customizable Methodologies

We select the best method mix from a broad variety of ‘standard’ tools plus a unique variety of proprietary tools and add our ‘sensorial lens.’

  • Single or combined methodology, offline or online…we choose the best combination of methodologies to serve the objective.
  • We can bring consumers to the project (in-person or online focus groups, individual sessions) We can go where your consumers experience their products every day (ethnographies, shopping accompaniments, home interviews)

Our range of research tools covers all aspects of product/concept design and include Sensorial Sessions, Journals/Diaries, Word Generator, Bulletin Boards, Focus Groups, IDI’s, CLT, Home Use Tests, Online Surveys, Quantitative Evaluations, etc.


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