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Add woo to the wow, go beyond innovation


Today, technical innovations are designed to capture attention and get a “Wow!”…
… but in doing so are often highly rational. For example:

  • 10 x more moisturizing

  • more powerful anti aging with 7x antioxidants

  • new detergent pearls for brighter, cleaner results in one easy dose…

With more high-performing products across all price levels in many markets, technical innovations have become “essential” to capture attention in the short term. There are many “wow” statements out there - and even when the innovation is a genuine advance, consumers may not be tempted to buy.

To get an stronger (irrational?) reaction to your innovation, you need to unlock the heart as well as the brain. To build loyalty brands must create AND nurture the emotional bond with their consumers. All in all, brands need to “woo” their users and their potential users, at every step.

“…rationality is reassuring. But emotions are more rewarding, both in the short and the long-term” Maurice Lévy, Chairman, Publicis Groups, Paris

To not only wow your consumers with the rational benefits but also WOO your consumers with emotion, did you know…emotions can be created by wrapping a technical advance in multi-sensorial “gift-wrapping” then evoking the product experience itself in advertising. Recent research proves that the imagined experience is powerful in boosting attention and recall of advertising.*

Create an even more powerful mix by refining all formulation and packaging aspects to enhance the innovation through all the senses and help the consumer imagine that multi-sensorial experience, generating powerful sensorial emotions.

SCENTANALYSIS is the expert in unlocking sensorial emotions and can provide your innovation with that extra layer of multi-sensoriality through varied qualitative research techniques for product, concept and advertising development.

Footnote: * For more about how getting consumers to actively imagine smell can create more effective advertising, Click Here