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Ads have a smell ……


When developing an ad or a pack it is of paramount importance not only to consider visual and aesthetic aspects, but also emotional aspects, as consumers perceive everything '5D' which means with all 5 senses. Every sense is interlinked to all other senses in a kind of ‘secret sensory network’.

This 5D view is helping tremendously to improve your brand communication. It is not enough to just observe emotional reactions e.g. via eye tracking or neuroscience methodologies. The better way is to pro-actively and strategically plan which emotional reactions you want to achieve. When testing an ad, a pack or a brand it is important to find out whether they have a smell or perhaps a taste or a touch. Then they have emotional depth and you can check how consumers are expressing their sensorial imaginary perceptions.

This emotional language will uncover completely new brand communication facets and open new opportunities. These ‘imaginary’ insights can not only help to avoid wrong emotional messages but can trigger new brand strategy and launch ideas. Ads, which have a coherent ‘smell’ are bonding with consumers on a deeper, emotional level and win consumers’ hearts which is crucial for market success.

Understanding if your ad, your pack or your brand is smellable, tastable, touchable means applying a sensorial lens which can be trained. Just try it out with the visual above and you will agree that this visual has a strong sensory emotion 5D message.