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Consumer Driven Product Design

We all know there has been a dramatic shift in the decision-making power between brands and consumers through the rise of social media.  Undoubtedly this has had a major influence on the growing importance of consumer-centric feedback to fuel a product's success in the marketplace.  To fully succeed, a brand’s product needs to do more than meet the basic requirements of a product’s intended promise of delivery. The product needs to deliver on a brand’s unique sensory profile—depicting the deeper sensory experiences that stir the consumer's emotions and are the reasons why consumers buy the brands they do.  Consumer expectations are higher than ever and the lines between competitors are becoming increasingly blurred.  Rather than trying to keep up with the competition, brands should be more concerned with keeping up with their customers and the best way to do this is to start understanding them.

Knowing Your Brand’s Sensory Profile

The unique sensory profile of how consumers interact with a brand, through all their senses, and across all brand touch-points, leads to the holistic brand experience. A product should build on this holistic experience, reflecting those key drivers of a brand’s marketplace success. Creating this coherence and consistency between the product and the sensory profile leads to sustained marketplace success—where the product helps promote trial, drives repeat purchase, and the connects with a subconscious connection to the product. This creates a reinforced emotional bond with consumers.

Our Expertise

Here at SENSANALYSIS, we have developed ways to make consumers around the globe express their desires, feelings, perceptions, irritations, disappointments about CPG products with a focus on sensory emotions for more than 30 years.  We have gathered unbelievable stories about consumers’ emotions when using a product.  These emotions have uncovered extremely important cultural differences which opened our client’s eyes to completely new product assessments. We aim to prove every day:  Do not underestimate consumers’ sensory skills and the capability to perceive the finest nuances. Consumers’ skills can be actively used to create a deeper understanding of a brand’s unique sensory profile and how to best capitalize on that profile to drive loyalty and purchase across all touch points in order to sell products consumers LOVE and not only LIKE.

SENSANALYSIS’ research solutions are about the consumer’s sensorial Concept & Product understanding

  • We developed a sensory journey to make consumers express their deepest sensory emotions.
  • We introduced qualitative product testing to the research industry opening the door to a unique and detailed sensory-emotional consumer insights and storytelling.
  • We are able to improve seemingly flat results in every quantitative product test with our sensorial profiling
  • We apply sensory emotion & coherence aspects to everything the consumer does.
  • We uncover sensory emotions for seemingly “non-sensorial” marketing topics such as ad design and product placement

With SENSANALYSIS’ holistic development and a testing program consisting of comprehensive tools focusing on creating coherent products with a much wider impact due to the intensive consumer involvement.  A cornerstone to this approach is our unique SENSORY EMOTION ALGORITHM (SEA) built over 30+ years via our proprietary qualitative sensory research with over 10 million verbatims, across the dimensions of Fragrance, Flavor, Texture, and Emotions, created by sensorially articulate consumers around the globe.

This SEA makes it possible that consumers can express intensely in multiple ways what they really perceive, feel and desire.  We can uncover their gap between their desire and reality which is leading to products’ failures in the marketplace We can process rich consumer language for both qualitative and quantitative studies in a matter of hours and can be used for various objectives across all stages of development and communications.

Products are made for consumers – let consumers create their own products  

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