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E-COMMERCE: New challenges for Marketing


Consumers perceive everything with all their senses. i.e. When looking at a website, an ad or a packaging, consumers create an idea about how this product would smell, taste or make me feel after purchase and consumption. The same is true on e-commerce, where every picture shot EVOKES an expectation, both sensorial and emotional.

In the digital world and especially the growing online shopping space, consumers have only digitally manifested ideas about how the products will smell/taste/feel in the absence of any immediate encounter with the real product. These expectations must be met when using this product. Otherwise the generated positive emotions can turn into disappointments leading to less repeat purchase and impact market presence.

SENSANALYSIS focusses on understanding all the EVOKATIONS & EXPECATIONS from the product shot and checks if the digitally or virtually sensory emotional messages are inline with the real sensory perception of the product.

We compare DESIRE with REALITY
We assist you by ensuring there are no product delivery GAPS
Leading you to the path of MARKET SUCCESS in the cluttered digital world!