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Getting To A Consumers’ Heartbeat By Uncovering Quality Insights Using Quick Turnaround Automated Research


For years, researchers have been under pressure to uncover quality insights faster and at lower costs. That demand will continue and with major advancements in automation marketing research organizations can make strides in this area.

In a world of increasing automation, the topic of self-serve becomes increasingly popular, which means running a survey program with:

  • as much automation as possible
  • unlimited consumer reactions which are available for free in the digital world.

This is leading many companies to believe that they do not need to commission any further consumer insights studies. But as the digital world distances itself from the consumers’ heartbeat, it makes it even more important to understand which emotions and associations are triggered when consumers have their ’analog encounter’ with a (new) product. This initial interaction is the moment of truth for a product launch’s success or failure.

This information is now also available in a fast, affordable and automated way.  We from SENSANALYSIS introduce our Friday 2 Friday (F2F) initiative.  F2F is based upon the principles of our iconic in-depth Consumer Evaluation Sessions, which we have championed for over 30 years.  F2F is a standard but, at the same time, a customizable research platform.  Results are processed through our Sensory Emotion Algorithm (SEA) in a very quick & cost-efficient way reaching out to consumers emotional reactions adding the most value in an actionable way to ongoing consumer insight initiatives.  The name derives from the idea that after a short notice booking and one week after delivery of test products (e.g. Friday), at our indicated central location, a machine driven automated report with recommendations will be available the following week. (e.g. next Friday)

A full insight report can include any or all, depending upon the complexity of the F2F session created, of the following:

  • A short management summary with improvement suggestions (if any), providing insights into the sensorial journey of the consumer
  • Word cloud mapping of the spontaneous 3-word description of each stimuli to give a quick read on the key aspects of the sensory profiles
  • Hexagon map of each stimulus to show the complexity of the sensory profile one on one and against each other. Utilizing the SEA, our Hexagon maps detail sensory sentiments deeper for a more defined look at the emotional appeal of a particular product or package
  • Full List of verbatim to stimulate claim creation and communication ideas. Words straight from the consumers mouth are compiled and provided as an aid in creating messaging for both advertisements and packaging
  • Tables of closed question responses to further provide depth to the consumer experience with the stimuli

Here at SENSANALYSIS, we have developed ways to make consumers around the globe express their desires, feelings, perceptions, irritations, disappointments about CPG products with a focus on sensory emotions for more than 30 years.  With our expertise in traditional session testing coupled with our unique Sensory Emotion Algorithm (SEA) we can provide thorough, in-depth insights utilizing this added layer of automation to reduce time and cost.  A cornerstone to this approach is our unique SEA, built over 30+ years via our proprietary qualitative sensory research with over 10 million verbatims, across the dimensions of Fragrance, Flavor, Texture and Emotions, created by sensorially articulate consumers around the globe.

Products are made for consumers – let consumers create their own products 

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