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The Glade Boutique: a multi-sensory experience


We are strong believers in the idea that the more senses are engaged, the better the experience for consumers. Glade puts this into action via the pop-up Glade Boutique in New York City.

The highlight of our visit to the boutique last week was our journey through the five interactive rooms, bringing to life scent-inspired feelings and stimulating our different senses:

Smell: Each room is inspired by a specific scent in the Glade portfolio. In the ‘Anticipation’ room, the smell of Sparkling Spruce left us feeling fresh and cool, and with a reminder of the upcoming holiday season.

Sight: Each room is a journey to a unique visual space. We were excited by the 3D virtual reality used in the ‘Energize’ room, where the ride took us over a waterfall and over a field of Red Honeysuckle Nectar.

Sound: Different music and sounds were used to complement the themes in each room. In the ‘Relax’ room, the sounds of the ocean’s waves transported us to a tropical locale, delivering a feeling of escapism and relaxation.

Touch: The spaces utilized a collection of different interior items with which we could touch and interact. The ‘Flirty’ room was reminiscent of a woman’s boudoir; filled with flowers and fashion items (and an opportunity to take a photo in an evening gown), it made us feel feminine and luxurious.

Arousing all the senses can ladder to new, positive ways for consumers to think about the brand. At SENSANALYSIS, we unearth the underlying feelings and associations evoked by our clients’ products in order to help identify the foundational impressions needed to create such memorable experiences.