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Quantitative product testing gets a deeper qualitative ‘sensorial’ layer


SENSANALYSIS’ 30 years of experience capturing rich consumer language through in-depth qualitative multi-sensorial research forms the basis for our unique text mining system (called the SENSORY EMOTION ALGORITHM). Initially focused on Fragrance & Flavor descriptions, it has now been extended to include Texture and – more importantly – to include Emotion.

The SENSORY EMOTION ALGORITHM is a coding system exclusively used by SENSANALYSIS  to capture product sensoriality and emotionality at a qualitative level.  Now, it can also be used in quantitative applications as well. It offers the ability to include more in-depth open-ended questions about sensorial and emotional perceptions compared to what is traditionally done in quantitative product tests.  The combination of quantitative product test results, based on larger sample sizes, with the ‘qualitative edge’ of this additional sensorial layer provides new value through a deeper, multi-layer understanding of the consumer product experience.

The flexibility of the SENSORY EMOTION ALGORITHM keeps up with market demands by being regularly updated, improved, and expanded with consumer words and descriptors gathered through our global research (in product & concept development, product innovation, in-home usage testing, etc.).

Open-ended questions in quantitative research can now be quickly and reliably analyzed for better differentiation between product candidates. Thus, even with flat quantitative results, actionable insights are still possible via a deeper, qualitatively-oriented sensorial layer.

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