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Rethinking Packaging Research


Packaging plays a key role in a brand’s success. Yet, traditional packaging research only scratches the surface at understanding what the package says about the brand.

Furthering Packaging Research
To fully succeed, a brand’s package needs to do more than meet the basic requirements of a package (attention, purchase interest, uniqueness, etc.). The package needs to deliver on a brand’s unique sensory profile—depicting the deeper sensory experiences that stir our emotions and are the reasons why we buy the brands we do.

Knowing Your Brand’s Sensory Profile
The unique sensory profile of how consumers interact with a brand, through all of their senses, and across all brand touch-points, leads to the holistic brand experience. A package should build on this holistic experience, reflecting those key drivers of a brand’s marketplace success. Creating this coherence and consistency between the package and the product leads to sustained marketplace success—where the package helps promotes trial, the product drives repeat purchase, and the package reminds consumers of why they purchase the product. This creates a reinforced emotional bond with consumers.

Our Expertise
Here at SENSANALYSIS, we have specialized in sensory research for more than 30 years. We create a deeper understanding of a brand’s unique sensory profile and how to best capitalize on that profile to drive loyalty and purchase across all touch points.