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We are excited to announce that we are changing our company name from SCENTANALYSIS to SENSANALYSIS!

While we initially started with scent research 30 years ago, we have now been operating for many years within all categories where the consumer experiences a product with their different senses. The name change will reflect our focus on helping clients identify the MULTI-SENSORIAL links which create a holistic product story. It will also serve as an acknowledgement of how we give equal importance to all the senses in concept and product evaluation, and the extension of our services to quantitative and hybrid tools.

While our name will change, we continue to be committed to go beyond the surface to understand consumers’ emotional involvement with your concept or product, translating feedback into real insights for technical product design, flavor/fragrance development, or marketing creation.

You can now reach us via email, yet our old e-mail addresses will remain operational as they will be redirected to our new name.

Please visit our NEW website at