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Sensory Marketing Webinar


We invite you to join us for a webinar on Jun 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT.

Register now! (Update: The webinar date has passed. Please watch the recording below.)

Sensory marketing is hot right now. This type of marketing taps into all of the senses in relation to the brand in order to relate with consumers on an emotional level. Brands can forge emotional associations in consumer minds and hearts by appealing to their senses. This presents an important opportunity for innovation and to help your product stand out and be memorable in a crowded product space.

We like to call sensory marketing a “5D experience innovation” opportunity: products are experienced via sensory systems like sight, smell, taste, touch and sound – 5 dimensionally. This experience forms impressions in the brain that affect mood and arousal levels while setting a context for the product. Each of the senses presents a communication opportunity for recognition to your brand. So it’s important to build a “sensory footprint” for your product to optimize this communication. What is your sensory footprint? Are you utilizing all of the senses to reach your consumer? Every aspect of a product from the packaging, smell, taste, texture, sound, is a communication from the company to the consumer and you want them to work together to send a positive and congruent message. The webinar will address the idea of the 5D consumer experience and how to optimize a brand's holistic communication to the fullest.

-Dr. Michelle Niedziela; Scientific Director at HCD
-Laura Finkelstein; US Vice President/Team Leader at Sensanalysis
-Maureen (Mimi) Morrin; Professor of Marketing at the Fox School of Business and Director of the Consumer Sensory Innovation Lab (CSIL) at Temple University

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UPDATE: Contact us for a link to the recorded webinar!