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Success Is “More Than Meets The Eye”. Multi-Sensorial Coherence Can Turn Your Next Launch Into Something Special.


We experience the impact of multi-sensory enhancement every day, yet its potential for marketing is not yet fully taken into consideration. Certain colours can dramatically change our perception of sweetness. The sound of a lid closing on a container – or a car door - can alter our impressions of quality and safety. A different scent in the same skincare cream can make women believe it is richer, more effective, worth more money.

Our company's aim is to unlock the magic of sensory emotion to help in a broad array of issues: understand why consumers are drawn to, purchase or use a product; get higher levels of trial, increase repeat purchase; highlight new opportunities, maximise profitability and ensure long-term success.

We believe it takes a "holistic mix" held together by the emotional glue of "multi-sensorial coherence". Experienced at both a conscious level and a sub-conscious level, multi-sensorial coherence stimulates feelings and attitudes to produce a total experience that never fails to meet (and may even surpass) expectations.  The level of holistic perfection determines if your new product will stand out from the crowd so it can have the best chance of success in such a crowded market.

In markets where heavy competition makes differentiation more and more difficult, and quantitative mix testing is essential, the standard validation research scores for liking, purchase interest and even "fit to concept" (a rational interpretation only) must be high, yet are often less than discriminating versus benchmarks. In order to maximise chances of great results in both test and market, we need to involve consumers earlier, when elements are still in development. By using qualitative tools intelligently to learn how to make a mix holistic, we can achieve multi-sensorial coherence. Ensure that your next launch has a visual identity, an olfactive signature, a textural experience (and going further, an in-store and even on-line experience) that evoke emotions in sync with each other as well as with the brand identity and the concept promise.

Multi-sensorial coherence should be a key marketing objective. It can make your consumers sit up, take notice and create a bond with your product.   img-news-june2