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Taking Concept and Product Evaluations Online: Beyond Online Surveys


Online surveys are often thought to be the most time- and cost-effective solution for many, but their ubiquity and the potential for reduced respondent interest in them can lead to shallow learnings. The level of respondent engagement directly influences the quality of research results. While online surveys have their place in a researcher’s toolkit, there are alternative ways of approaching online concept and product testing to enhance consumer engagement and thus deeper insights.

Our philosophy at SENSANALYSIS is to approach online research the same way we do in our in-person tests, which is to eschew traditionally long, boring grids and repetitive questions often used in surveys for methods which dig deeper into consumers’ motivations and deep-seated emotions about concepts and products.
Using a tailored mix of existing online methodologies such as bulletin boards, concept mark-up tools, journals/diaries, webcam focus groups/IDIs, etc., we craft research guides which aim to be dynamic and focused on unveiling the sensorially-driven story behind consumers’ feedback.

Our online methods not only provide time and cost savings over in-person research, but they also deliver the added value of analysis through a sensorial lens. Here are some examples of the types of research objectives we can tackle in an online setting and the methods we would suggest for each: 

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Obviously, one size does not fit all. Depending on the specific research objectives, we can pair these tools with well-designed, engaging quantitative online surveys or online implicit testing (i.e., IATs). Our expertise and flexibility in using online tools give us the ability create tailored plans for our clients’ specific research objectives, thus providing a holistic understanding of the concepts and products under evaluation.