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The Sensory Emotion Algorithm (SEA): Text Analytics for Fragrances & Flavors


For more than 30 years, we have been analyzing complex consumer feedback related to scents and flavors. As we've evaluated products and concept ideas across various categories (i.e., fine fragrance, food, household care, intimate care, etc.), we've gained a solid cross-category scent/flavor understanding. Furthermore, our research techniques invite consumers to dive deep and dig into their subconscious where deep-seated memories and emotions are stored, yielding rich feedback and descriptors beyond traditional methods. As such, we have captured over 10 million verbatims and descriptors since the birth of our company!

Using our qualitative and multi-sensorial analytic skills, we build our knowledge on complex cross-verbatim analyses gained via projective and indirect questioning. To help increase analysis speed while keeping high qualitative standards, we have developed a unique text analytics program called the Sensory Emotion Algorithm (SEA): a repository of multi-sensorial measures for fragrances and flavors.  This program helps simplify the difficulty of training multi-sensorial coders, while eliminating the biases of human coding (each participant opinion is equally weighted).

The SEA is the first step which feeds into SENSANALYSIS’ HEXAGON SYSTEM, a unique way of showing open-ended results about sensorial perceptions.