Sensory Emotion Algorithm is a system that processes and analyzes natural consumer language

What is it

Emotional Algorithm is our proprietary system that processes and analyzes natural consumer language from any study, either qualitative or quantitative, that utilize our Sensorial Lens methodology.

The Emotional Algorithm built from over 10 million, regularly updated verbatim and covers dimensions across scent, taste, texture, look, and emotions. Verbatim translated into English plus some specific words, expressions, ingredients are included in original language which related to cultural rituals and uniqueness.

Results delivered in easy-to-read graphic form.

How it works

Process/analyze natural
consumer language

Generate 1st Sensorial
Dimension Attributes

e.g. “Energizing” was one of
the keywords

Generate Sub-Dimensions
to get the specific
sensory experience

e.g. What kind of energizing it is


Identify key differences between options (concepts or products):

help differentiate between seemingly similar options through sensorial description

Understand how to deliver a holistic brand experience:

help uncover the matching or NOT matching key sensorial messages of a brand’s concept/packaging vs. product

Highlight opportunities to achieve a competitive advantage:

identify the key sensorial messages which drive interest and differentiation vs. competitors

Provide inputs forclaims/concept/marketingcreation:

identify the key sensorial words which resonate most with consumers


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