We go beyond the surface to understand emotional involvement through a ‘sensorial lens’

SENSANALYSIS is a consumer insights agency that focuses on translating consumer feelings, emotions, and ideas into insights for concept and product development.

With 30+ years of experience in multi-sensorial product and concept testing, we use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to help clients at all stages of development. We fill the research gap between sensory science and traditional market research, providing rich and detailed consumer insights for product (sensorial) development. 

We help our clients tackle a variety of challenges, including:

  • Bringing a great product concept to life in terms of its ideal sensory experience
  • Identifying ways to best communicate a new product, translating technical jargon into creative consumer language
  • Understanding which proposed prototype or concept has the hidden, emotionally-driven advantage
  • Uncovering the reasons why consumers do not connect with a product currently underperforming in the market